22.06.2023: Teambuilding Cooking Event

We laughed, we cooked, we ate! Thanks to the Leadership Award @MedUniGraz we had a wonderful evening with the GaumenGut team! 

19.05.2023: "Ferndiagnose des Sonnensystems"

In ORF Mayrs Magazin - Wissen für alle our space-heroes Christina and Alex present their work on planetary protection for the ESA JUICE mission. Watch it here (link)

08.05.2023: Austrian hygiene award for Charlotte

Charlotte receives the Austrian hygiene award (by ÖGHMP) for her outstanding work in preterm infants, published in Nature Communications (link)

23.03.2023: How clean is clean?

Christina and Alex returned from their sampling trip to French Guyana/ Kourou, where they sampled the clean room around the JUICE mission, to be launched in a few weeks. 

13.03.2023: We are excellent

We are excellent! Christine is Co-Director of the selected FWF Cluster of Excellence "Microbiomes drive Planetary Health".  21 Mio € for microbiome research in Austria will boost fundamental science and collaboration with 29 other PIs. New job openings will be announced soon!
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Press release Uni Wien

11.03.2023: Publication in Nature Communications

Our new publication is out in Nature Communications:  "Clinical NEC prevention practices drive different microbiome profiles and functional responses in the preterm intestine". Amazing work by first-author Charlotte Neumann, great collaboration with Neonatology @Medunigraz and the Hall Lab (TU Munich/ Quadram). 
Link to publication 
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Press release Quadram Institute

07.02.2023: Team and leadership award

Christine won the Leadership Award of the Medical University of Graz 2022! (thanks to an amazing support by the team). We are looking forward to an "team event" sponsored by MedUni!

23.01.2023: Publication in Gut Microbes

Our new publication is out in Gut Microbes: "Acute appendicitis manifests as two microbiome state types with oral pathogens influencing severity". Excellent work by first-author Marcus Blohs, great collaboration with the  Department of Paediatric and Adolescent Surgery @MedUni Graz.
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